Accessibility to 112 for speech and hearing impaired

If you are deaf or speech or hearing impaired, you can contact 112 via the SMS112 service, an analogue text telephone, or the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s text relay service. You can also use the SMS112 service if you are temporarily speech or hearing impaired, for example after an operation.


In the event of an emergency, persons who have pre-registered their mobile phone for the SMS112 service can communicate directly with the emergency number 112 via SMS. When you do so, you describe the event and provide any information that is important in order for you to receive the right help. In the first message, you briefly tell us what has happened and where the incident has occurred (municipality and address). The SOS operator will then ask additional questions via SMS in order to get enough information to send the right help to the right place.

The SMS112 service is only open to people who are deaf or speech or hearing impaired, and you need to sign up in advance via the SOS Alarm website. Institutions such as dormitories, kindergartens, day nurseries and the like that have pupils and/or staff who are deaf can also make use of the service.

Sign up for the SMS112 service here

On the following pages you can sign up, change your information or cancel the service via the links below: 

Registration, private person SMS112

Registration, business/organisation SMS112

Notification of an information change for SMS112

Termination of the SMS112 service

Within a few days (normally 1-3 business days) after you have signed up, a text message will be sent to the phone number you registered with a message informing you that the service is ready to use.     

Registration - foreign subscriptions

It is possible for people who are deaf or hearing or speech impaired and who are living or staying in Sweden temporarily to register a mobile phone with a foreign subscription .

Please note that
1: The service is only for people who are deaf, hearing impaired, or speech impaired.
2: The service is only for emergencies within Sweden's borders; we can not help with incidents that occur in another country
3: We cannot interpret in any other language; we can only communicate via SMS in Swedish or English

When you sign up, it is mandatory to provide an address. You should then state the address where you are staying (hotel, etc) or working. Please note that our registration processing time is normally 1-3 business days. 

Analogue text telephones 

You can access the emergency number 112 via the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) service They communicate between you and an SOS operator at 112.

You can also use PTS service to reach the numbers that you can call in non-emergency situations:

- 1177 for medical advice from nurses

- 113 13 to provide or obtain information in the event of accidents and crises

- 114 14 for police matters that are not urgent, such as a police report



Questions about registration should be sent to SOS Alarm's customer support centre via e-mail:


Sign up for the SMS112 service here